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Source of natural iodine

Form release: 100 Tablets

Kelp as a dietary supplement is a balanced source of natural biologically active substances that gives your body the necessary support and protection from environmental hazards.

Key Benefits
This product normalizes thyroid functioning and helps prevent hypothyroidism.

It has beneficial effect on brain functioning by improving the ability to concentrate and boost memory.

This supplement regulates blood circulation, immune function, and metabolism.

It improves one’s overall health and protects against harmful effects of environmental pollution.

Kelp prevents premature aging.

Beneficial effects of kelp were already known in ancient China and still widely used. Kelp is rich in readily absorbed organic iodine compounds that have a highly beneficial effect on the human body: improve rheological indexes of blood, improve absorption of calcium, phosphorus and iron, and normalize the synthesis of protein. Kelp helps improve cognitive functions of the brain, such as memory and concentration.

Alginates found in kelp have a detoxifying effect and help flush radioactive elements and heavy metal salts from the system.

Omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids of the algae normalize lipid metabolism, regulate blood cholesterol, prevent obesity, and regulate hormonal levels.

Alfalfa contains large amount of flavonoids with antioxidant properties that further enhance detoxification effects of the product. This supplement is especially recommended for reducing blood cholesterol.

Take two tablets twice daily with meals.

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