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Vitastream uni section ½

Vitastream uni section ½
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Vitastream uni section ½ Vitastream uni section ½ Vitastream uni section ½ Vitastream uni section ½ Softens and changes the chemical structure of water

 Device Vitastrim uni Coral Club is designed for targeted softening, changes in the chemical structure of water, its energizing and giving qualities of the natural sources of spring water thawed.

 The device " Vitastream uni" is designed for hot and cold water supply and hot water heating in houses and apartments, as well as for use in washing machines and dishwashers. The device consists of a body, inlet and outlet fittings with threads for connection to a standard water pipe, and is installed in the water (hot or cold) supply lines. The direction of water flow is indicated on the device body by the arrow.

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