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Strengthens the immune system and helps to activate the internal resources of the human body, and increase vitality.

Form release: 90 Capsules

Diosin Coral Club helps cope with physical stress and its consequences.

The product contributes to the normalization of sleep pattern and relieves fatigue.

It works well to help prevent atherosclerosis, hypotension, and memory loss.

The product normalizes processes of metabolism.

Diosin is a truly unique supplement. It consists of a wide range of beneficial herbs that strengthen the immune system, help activate internal resources of the human body, and increase vitality.

It is believed that guaranine of the guarana plant is a stronger stimulant than caffeine, but guaranine has a far milder side effect.

Wild yam normalizes performance of the cardiovascular system and the saponins of yam inhibit the development of hypertension and atherosclerosis.

The active ingredients of ginseng have a strong tonic effect and help improve general condition of the body. They stimulate brain function.

Green tea is a multipurpose antioxidant; it strengthens blood vessels, and helps lower blood pressure.

Ginger is a great help for colds, it improves metabolism, and increases resistance to infections.

Cayenne pepper does far more than improve blood circulation and digestion. It also protects from stress and prevents the development of depression.

Schisandra increases endurance and fights fatigue caused by physical stress.

Yerba mate helps accumulate sufficient quantities of phosphorus. This minerial is vital for nerve cells. It improves memory and helps fight mental fatigue.

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