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B-Luron (Hyaluron-chondroitin complex)

B-Luron (Hyaluron-chondroitin complex)
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B-Luron (Hyaluron-chondroitin complex) B-Luron (Hyaluron-chondroitin complex) B-Luron (Hyaluron-chondroitin complex) B-Luron (Hyaluron-chondroitin complex) Nourishes and regenerates cartilage.

Product: 2 bottles of 500 ml.

    Features and Benefits Bi-Louron:

  • Effect of the product is aimed at the root cause of the problem;
  • Orthomolecular complex corrects imbalances at the molecular level to optimize the biochemical processes in the body;
  • Affects all the joints;
  • Can be combined with physical therapy and any drugs;
  • Prolonged action (1 course of treatment is 3-5 months);
  • No side effects;
  • Convenient form of production and use.




 B-Luron is an active biological supplement for the daily nutrition which is based on Hyaluronic acid and Chondroitin Complex (HCC) developed by Gramme-Revit GmbH as innovational technological supplement. It is intended to activate the productions of own synovial liquid, providing delivery and restoration of a cartilaginous tissue.

 The product is based on a defining prime cause of a problem

 The orthomolecular complex corrects any imbalances on a molecular level, optimizing biochemical processes in your organism;

 Influence on all joints;

 It is possible to combine with a physiotherapy and any medicines;

 The prolonged action (1 course of reception in 3–5 months);

 Without side effects;

 Convenient form of release and application.

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