True Lecithin

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True Lecithin
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Improves performance and endurance.

Form release: 120 Capsules

True Lecithin is a smart food supplement that will benefit everyone who needs to improve both memory and concentration. This product promotes liver health by restoring its structure and helps prevent the development of sclerosis.

Key Benefits
True Lecithin will support you when you are nervous and exhausted. It will improve concentration and memory, and help you cope with an increased mental and physical pressure.

This supplement promotes liver health and helps support cardiovascular health. True Lecithin speeds up the recovery of liver cells from the toxic effects of drugs, alcohol, and nicotine.

Lecithin is a common name that refers to a number of the most important natural substances including a group of essential phospholipids, fatty acids and carotenoids. Each of these ingredients of lecithin plays a specific role in supporting bodily functions.

Brain matter, nerve fibers and a protective coat of neurons contain 30% lecithin, and the content of lecithin phospholipids in the liver is 65%.

Heart functioning is virtually impossible without lecithin as it is responsible for maintaining a constant level of Carnitine in the blood. In fact Lecithin is one of the most essential nutrients for the heart muscle.

The active ingredients of lecithin stimulate brain function, improve concentration and memory, nourish the nervous system, and help prevent development of atherosclerosis.

Take one or more capsules daily.

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