Combination Three

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Combination Three
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Means for the prevention and treatment of respiratory diseases

Form release: 100 Capsules

Combination Three from the company Coral Club was developed in the best traditions of folk herbal therapy to help cope with any kind of cough. Herbs used in this product fight inflammation of upper respiratory tract, ease breathing and reduce bronchospasms.

Key Benefits
The product has an expectorant effect and promotes the discharge of mucus.

This supplement acts as a disinfectant and has antiseptic properties.

It relieves bronchospasms and protects the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract from all kinds of irritants.

Slippery Elm bark has anti-inflammatory properties and is an effective remedy used to relieve inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, and helps with bronchitis and coughing.

Pleurisy root relieves spasms of the bronchial smooth muscle and promotes sweating.

Thyme thins mucus and helps its expectoration.

Enveloping and anti-inflammatory properties of Mullein provide protection from irritation of the respiratory tract.

Yerba Santa acts as an expectorant and an anti-microbial agent.

Take one or more capsules daily.

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