Combination Seven

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Combination Seven
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Antiparasitic agent

Form release: 100 Tablets

Combination seven from the company Coral Club is a natural herbal product that expels parasitic worms from the body. It has a highly beneficial effect fighting a variety of parasites and relieving indigestion.

Key Benefits
The product stimulates the digestive system and has a laxative and choleretic effect.
This supplement acts as an anti-parasitic, has a detoxifying effect, and antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Garlic helps cleanse the intestinal tract from harmful bacteria and worms, inhibits enzymatic decomposition and fermentation.
The leaves of Black Walnut are known to be an effective anti-parasitic. They affect mature and intermediate stages of worm development, normalize bowel functions, and relieve constipation.

Active ingredients of Quassia stimulate the gall bladder and liver, relieve pain in the gastrointestinal tract, and reduce flatulence.
Amino acid cucurbitin contained in pumpkin seeds promotes the elimination of tapeworms and round worms.

Dissolve one tablet in a cup of boiling water and drink as a tea.

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