091 The principle part of the robot method is to scan the drop of human blood using darkfield microscopy, which specifies the ratio of plasma volume in the blood and of its cell mobility of erythrocytes in the plasma blocked state sludge and aggregation. A specialist at the state of leukocytes and platelets, which, in turn, allows you to determine what is the activity of the immune system of the person and its ability to heal itself. Also detects the presence of various kinds of pathological changes in the parts of the cell - ehinotsitoza, anisocytosis, poykilotstoza indicating the presence or absence of abnormalities.

 Blood with a microscope allows to determine the presence and amount of blood plasma unwanted inclusions which in the normal state should be out (sugar, cholesterol crystals, crystals of uric acid, fungi, bacteria, etc.)

          What is different from the usual haemoscanning ordinary CBC)?
   1. In the clinical analysis of the doctor examines and evaluates not live blood cells and blood taken at haemoscanning not exposed to drying, which in turn makes it possible to see through a microscope Life "live" drop of blood. The observation of blood cells in their natural environment and static motion, provides a unique opportunity to identify and evaluate the functionality of.
   2. Clinical analysis involves the use of reagents for fixing and staining the contrary, when no haemoscanning not use reagents, which in turn allows an evaluation of purity of the plasma, the presence of objects such as pathogenic bacteria, parasitic forms, etc.

           Haemoscanning also allows:
• classify the segmented and band neutrophils, monocytes, macrophages, eosinophils, basophils;
• assess the activity of our immune system, to determine the ability to heal itself;
• determine the presence of protozoa, fungi, bacteria, larvae of worms in the plasma, parasites, a method that makes it possible to see the parasite cells without exposing them to the distortion of the fixing agents, and observe their interaction with each other.


   The main difference method "diagnostic phase contrast", in the light that passes through the drop of blood. I would also like to point out that the basis of this method is that even after twenty minutes after taking the blood, its cells remain alive. It follows from this that the survey is conducted on a "live" blood drop.   

   One major factor of efficiency and accuracy of such a method of diagnosis - is connected to the computer of the microscope. Because of this, it is possible to accurately determine the condition of uniform elements, motility, shape, shapes, whether they are glued to each other and have the ability to determine the condition of the platelets, lymphocytes and leukocytes. This method makes it possible to diagnose a computer to find out which is the condition of the blood plasma itself, if it has crystals of cholesterol, uric acid and phosphoric. And to all haemoscanning to determine the presence of bacterial, fungal, yeast flora or larvae of parasites, such as helminths. 

    The research is conducted by a drop of blood in your presence. Followed by counseling and individual selection methods for correction of health, appointed by the gradual treatment and recommendations. It writes CD-ROM with video sampling results of your blood. 

Treatment methods used in the Coral Club, allow you to restore the self-regulating body functions, improve their health.
Sign up for a testing can call the phone numbers listed in the "Contacts" form or through the "Ask a request" with the subject line "Request for examination".

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