Computer diagnostics "Oberon"

 Kompyuternaya diagnosis for the latest model of the device "Oberon" allows you to diagnose the problem as one organ or organ system and whole body!

 This type of diagnosis, which is important, is not tomography!

 0-oberon-9You can learn about the state of their internal organs, outbreak of disease, as well as to get an accurate diagnosis by doctors to professionals, such as any kind of ulcer disease, uterine, ovarian, breast, prostate adenoma, prostatitis, thyroid dysfunction, dysbiosis, stones internal organs, endocrine violations, etc. 

 biorezonansnaya diagnostika organizma na apparate oberon ili  In Coral Club International are working not only professionals and specialists who can make a wellness program, but experienced doctors who examine your body and pick up an individual program for the treatment and rehabilitation of the features of your body that is. 



091 The principle part of the robot method is to scan the drop of human blood using darkfield microscopy, which specifies the ratio of plasma volume in the blood and of its cell mobility of erythrocytes in the plasma blocked state sludge and aggregation. A specialist at the state of leukocytes and platelets, which, in turn, allows you to determine what is the activity of the immune system of the person and its ability to heal itself. Also detects the presence of various kinds of pathological changes in the parts of the cell - ehinotsitoza, anisocytosis, poykilotstoza indicating the presence or absence of abnormalities.

 Blood with a microscope allows to determine the presence and amount of blood plasma unwanted inclusions which in the normal state should be out (sugar, cholesterol crystals, crystals of uric acid, fungi, bacteria, etc.)

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