distribytor      How to start ?

  • We offer you to get a high paying job and explore all the possibilities of multi-level marketing.
  • Today you can work and earn money, and use all the features and benefits for the participants.
  • We have officially open markets to promote our products in more than 30 countries (CIS, EU, Israel, etc.) and in this we see tremendous opportunities.
  • Experts predict the volume of products to use to grow 20 - 40 times over the next 5 years. This means that members of our Club expect virtually unlimited expansion of sales for many years.
  • This outstanding kind of business gives you a real opportunity to profit from the work of many people, as do large corporations.
  • You can attract for its distribution Coral Club unlimited number of people, as through you personally and through your multi-level marketing network, whose members create activities vysokooplachevaemuyu team.
  • Centralized computer system Coral Club carefully considers all volumes and calculates commissions and bonuses. * Our business has unique favorable side, making it especially beneficial for entrepreneurs.
  • But if you are not interested in this offer, you can simply purchase products Coral Club at the retail price. In any case, we are confident that you will be satisfied with our products and cooperation with our club.



     distribytor2          Job in Coral Club

  • Yes, indeed, Coral Club allows you to not only buy unique products of high quality with 20% discount, but also to earn money at the same time!
  • Distribution of products through multi-level marketing allows you to build your business, develop a network of consumers and distributors of products and earn money. The larger your network, the more you get. Possible size of the monthly remuneration is almost unlimited.
  • In order to become a member of Coral Club - You need to fill in a questionnaire consumer. It gives you the right to purchase products at a club price (discount), engaged in direct sales of products and build your network of associates.
  • Marketing Plan (read) is designed for high career growth in the company. To do this, put multiple statuses, the receipt of which is dependent on your success in the Club.
  • Distinctive advantage of the marketing plan Coral Club is also something that you do not need to buy a minimum amount each month or quarter, the Club does not want to encumber or obligate its members. The club provides complete freedom of action, and the success of your business depends only on you. You also have the information assistance in the face of your sponsor (the person who invited you to the Club) and a support system in the face of the team and the Company.


    Financial support by the rules of the marketing plan:

  • 20% discount on the entire product for club members;
  • Payout bonus points on your purchases in person (10%);
  • Promotion (5 +1);
  • The right advice at doctors - members;
  • The right of access to the latest information on the preservation of health.
  • The company gives you the opportunity to have additional income to their pensions, wages, scholarships, etc. Spending while only 10-12 hours per week. And you can not work "burning bridges", ie, without giving up their place of work, and you will not have bosses.
  • The company does not need to do inventory, ie buy a product in advance, and then think about where to put it.
  • For career growth there is a very convenient memory system of bonus points. And only on the personal efforts of each distributor (consultant) depends career and financial income. For all employees the same conditions.

distribytor4      A few numbers to ponder

 Suppose you within 1-6 months or 1 year invite 5 people who want to be your companions. These people, learning about the business opportunities and great results after using the product Coral Club International and RBC, you will be duplicating (repeat yourself). That is exactly the same will communicate with people and build their structure (this will be your structure).

 That's what can happen with the help of your efforts and the efforts of people in your structure:

• eg in the first month or year you are invited to 5 people;
• the second invite your people also multiply 5 5 5 get 25 people;
• a third of these 25 people * 5 = 125;
• the 4th 125 * 5 = 625 people;
• the 5th 625 * 5 = 3125 people. ;
• 6 th 3125 * 5 = 15625 people. ;
• 7 th 15625 * 5 = 78125 people. ;
• 8 minutes 78125 * 5 = 390625 people. ;
• the 9th 390625 * 5 = 1,953,125 people. etc.

 Tomorrow depends on what decision you have made today, now, but it depends on your desire to be wealthy and healthy whether man or stay in the same place where you are now.

We wish you to make the right decision for yourself!


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