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glavnaia-cci  In 1997, began operations Coral Club International Company ( Coral Club ). From the following, 1998 Coral Club came to the market Wellness.

 And since 1999, the company collaborates with the American production company "RBC" (Royal Body Care). Products Coral Club (Coral Club) is available in most of the CIS countries, Europe and the United States.  



коло вада Program Colo-Vada Plus / Colo-Vada

Cleaning the body of toxins in 14 days.

This program was developed by Dr.-nutritionist from Canada, herbalist six generations Albert Zerrom. He created a natural, simple, safe system of cleansing the body, for many years, it tested the convincing proof of its efficacy and safety.  




Why drink water Coral?

   Coral Main Water restores liquid crystal structure. As a unique liquid crystal, water provides an ideal filling intercellular and intracellular spaces. At freezing coral water provides the ideal structure of snowflakes, which indicates that the ordering of the dipoles of water molecules. And as all the water in living organisms is structured, this property is crushed coral is especially valuable for maintaining health.





Smart Food

  Products for health and fulfilling life of Companies Coral Club International


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glavnaia-cci  In 1997, began operations Coral Club International Company (Coral Club). From the following, 1998 Coral Club came to the market Wellness. And since 1999, the company collaborates with the American production company "RBC" (Royal Body Care). Products Coral Club (Coral Club) is available in most of the CIS countries, Europe and the United States.

 Coral Club International  introduced to our market a range of quality, high-performance, made with the latest technology products, such as: coral water - "Coral Mine", program 14 -day body cleansing - "Colo Vada Plus", a powerful antioxidants - "microhydrin", "H-500" and others. These products are aimed at the preservation and promotion of health.

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distribytor      How to start ?

  • We offer you to get a high paying job and explore all the possibilities of multi-level marketing.
  • Today you can work and earn money, and use all the features and benefits for the participants.
  • We have officially open markets to promote our products in more than 30 countries (CIS, EU, Israel, etc.) and in this we see tremendous opportunities.
  • Experts predict the volume of products to use to grow 20 - 40 times over the next 5 years. This means that members of our Club expect virtually unlimited expansion of sales for many years.
  • This outstanding kind of business gives you a real opportunity to profit from the work of many people, as do large corporations.
  • You can attract for its distribution Coral Club unlimited number of people, as through you personally and through your multi-level marketing network, whose members create activities vysokooplachevaemuyu team.
  • Centralized computer system Coral Club carefully considers all volumes and calculates commissions and bonuses. * Our business has unique favorable side, making it especially beneficial for entrepreneurs.
  • But if you are not interested in this offer, you can simply purchase products Coral Club at the retail price. In any case, we are confident that you will be satisfied with our products and cooperation with our club.

 Contact Information

 Information about the company Coral Club - products, consultations, office addresses and ordering, you can find out from our independent distributors who will promptly and effectively answer all your questions. For communication, you can choose any convenient way for you: phone, email (Email), Skype or popular instant messengers.

Contact of independent distributors in the following countries:

vodafone_sim +38(095)-601-36-28
kievstar-svg +38(096)-810-71-77

Skype Top--01

vodafon +7(911)-132-35-16


02991/ 90 87 24
0152/ 0194 30 52

Through any of the popular instant messengers, you can write a message with the question or the names of the products you want to order  WhatsApp  viber  Telegram

 Offices of the International Coral Club are located practically in all cities of Ukraine and Russia. Also there are official representations in the CIS countries, Europe, Asia and North America.


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