What to do to avoid the flu? Reliable preventive protection.

 What to do if you have the flu? Efficient treatment without complications.



Silver Max (colloidal silver)
Composition: One dose contains refined silver (colloid) at a concentration of 10 ppm in purified water.
Silver Max - is colloidal silver, has a pronounced bactericidal, fungicidal and antiparasitic activity.

   Can be used for the following diseases:

  • infectious diseases of viral or bacterial origin (such as flu, hepatitis, etc.)
  • gingivitis, stomatitis;
  • acute and chronic diseases of the nasopharynx, bronchus and lung;
  • skin diseases (ringworm, eczema, abrasions, insect bites, burns of varying severity);
  • rheumatoid arthritis;
  • intestinal infections;
  • eye disease (infectious conjunctivitis, keratitis, etc.);
  • vulvovaginitis and other gynecological diseases.

 Colloidal silver is a colloidal solution of ultrafine particles of silver, are suspended in demineralized water. Silver Max has little specific taste, non-toxic.

 Suspended particles of silver in the solution is measured in ppm, 1 millionth of (1 ppm) corresponds to 1 milligram of substance per 1 liter of solution. Such a concentration effective at pathogenic bacteria and safe for beneficial intestinal microflora.

Tea tree oil.
Tea tree oil is produced from the plant family Myrtaceae: Tea Tree - Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia). Should be applied topically by rubbing on the skin under the nose.

Coral Coral water Mein
 Odnogrammovy sachet contains: 993 mg of crushed coral (containing a large amount necessary for the body elements: sodium, magnesium, 2%, 35% calcium, sulfur, aluminum, potassium, silicon, iron, manganese, phosphorus, chromium, copper, zinc, chloride, strontium and others), silver 2 mg ascorbic acid 5 mg.

Set of grass number 3 - treatment of respiratory organs.
 Set of grass number 3 - the perfect remedy for the treatment and prevention of diseases of the respiratory system. Upper respiratory tract infection are familiar to modern man, perhaps better than any other ailments. Use of air conditioning, lack of fresh air, a high content of harmful impurities in the atmosphere of large cities - all these causes allergies, bronchitis and other pathologies.

 Used to restore the functions of the respiratory system, bronchiectasis, best phlegm, spasms, irritation, pain, effective as chronic pathologies and during exacerbations. Often in the treatment of influenza and SARS combined therapy also included herbs and set number 3.
For best results, I recommend using in combination with drugs such as the bark of the tree ant, garlic, licorice root, Euphrasia, Silver Max (colloidal silver).

Garlic - a valuable food plant.
It is a perennial herbaceous plant of the genus of bulbous widely used in the treatment of many diseases. In the bulbs of garlic contains such useful biologically active substances such as vitamin A, B vitamins, essential oils, volatile, iodine, polysaccharides.

Sheet of black walnut.
Designed to combat ribkovymi infections, removing worms belt type.

Pau D'Arco tree.
 Ant tree - a plant that grows in Central and South America. Healing properties of the bark of this plant have been known for millennia. In ancient Inca tribes ant tree bark began to apply as a remedy for getting rid of fungal and infectious diseases, as well as for the prevention of dysentery.

Set of grass number 7.
 Antiparasitic agent. This combination of herbs helps cleanse the digestive tract and rid the body of helminths (parasitic). Used for constipation as a mild laxative. Has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action.

 Well if you have all of the medicine cabinet Homeopathy, then we can meet head-on viral infections.

 But for the prevention of influenza, use Ant Bark tree.

567815b4e483 Now you are pregnant. Of course, the need to continue to eat well and to eat and to take additional fortificants nutrition and vitamins.

 Pregnant woman - a unique woman. This is a totally different organism that requires a completely different approach than a simple man. Not only that, in the pregnant woman's body is maturing new life, this life must be healthy.

 A normal development of small life and health of the unborn child, a pregnant woman should observe a few precautions, several obligations.

       What do you need a pregnant woman?

 Required additional intake of vitamin B group of our company the component that contains all the necessary vitamins of group B. To a pregnant woman endured a healthy child, and most importantly, I felt comfortable with, in order to avoid being tortured toxicosis and other negative impacts that may be associated with pregnancy - vitamin B. But this is only part of the additional power.

 Folic acid must necessarily be in the diet of women. It is necessary to ensure that the child and the woman worked well the nervous system to the formation of bodies passed normally to normal cells and worked all of the new body.

 What else should a pregnant woman? Of course - a multivitamin. Same Ultimate, which saw a woman before pregnancy, you should continue to drink during pregnancy daily 1 tablet per day. Pregnant woman should also continue to take Vitamin E, but the dosage should be reduced - 1/10 capsule two weeks, then a week break.

 Among other things you need to remember not only vitamins, but also minerals as our processes of hematopoiesis, especially iron rich blood, are very important for healthy child development and especially this point is important during labor (due to blood loss). A woman's body should be well and recover quickly to then she could devote all his time to the little baby.

For this Coral Club International offers iron and selenium. These two essential minerals which stimulate hematopoiesis and maintain normal hemoglobin. Iron and Selenium - it is absolutely natural ingredients extracted from the seabed, marine sediments are normal biologically digestible minerals. 

 I would also like to say about the extra fat that you need to take. Still, those vegetable oils that we take during the meal (especially during pregnancy), they do not always adequately absorbed by the body and, as a rule, during pregnancy it affects the state of a woman's skin. There is a significant increase in the volume of the stomach and the skin is stretched, not to mention the internal organs of the uterus, on the perineum, which will feel the strain during childbirth. These bodies need to prepare them to be flexible, that was not nowhere breaks and other unpleasant things. Skin condition and elasticity of cells and tissues must be maintained in good condition. To do this, we have Omega 3/60 (essential fatty acids).

 For the good condition of the woman and to her nervous system to adequately respond to external stimuli, our company offers Lecithin. He restores the nervous tissue, it does not allow overloading, promotes relaxation and calm acceptance of life, the woman adequately responds to what is happening, which in turn will benefit the child.

During pregnancy is very important is the question of mineral nutrition: in terms of blood (iron, selenium), but also in terms of calcium supply. Growing child requires calcium to form his skin, bones, nails, cilia, hairs, etc. Child pulls the body of mother extra calcium, and women problems begin with teeth, skin, nails and hair. To avoid this, Coral Club International offers Calcium Magic. It is based on natural mineral marine sediments contain a large number of biologically-absorbable calcium, magnesium and other trace elements that will enrich and improve the body of a pregnant woman, and, of course, strengthen the child's body.

 Just wanted to mention water coral Coral Main, directly tied to the state of pregnancy. Coral water needed during pregnancy, but it is advisable to take Coral Mine somewhere from 20 weeks of pregnancy, because it stimulates the capillary circulation, relieves swelling and normalizes the function of the kidneys to good condition, does not allow water to stagnate in the body, and closer to the end of her pregnancy she is stronger influence on calcium metabolism.

 Coral Mine should be taken in the usual dosage (1 bag of 1.5 liters of water to drink during the day). This water is biologically digestible. It is absorbed just as much as it is vitally important to the body, and everything else goes through the kidneys naturally.

 As an extra nutrition during pregnancy can take spirulina cocktail "Phyto-Energy", which contains a complex of vitamins and minerals and additional drugs which contain cabbage, spinach, etc. Plants from which these substances are produced, grown on organic soil without addition of nitrates and other adverse substances.

        Now consider products Coral Club, which can play the role of "first aid" in pregnancy.

 Coral Main, diluted in a glass of warm water and infused for 5-7 minutes, save at attacks toxicosis during poisoning, when asthma attacks and respiratory problems, colds, etc.

 If you take the Coral Mine constantly on the background of the product Colostrum, which affects the body perfectly, and is not a bio-stimulator (Colostrum - a natural immunomodulator, restores the immune system and helps fight infections, chronic diseases) - you'll almost 100% healthy. Colostrum overdose can not be - the best Colostrum is recommended to drink on an empty stomach - 1 capsule daily for prevention, and 5-6 and even 10 capsules (one-time) for serious ailments.

 Colostrum - our primary food, it stands out in any living organism female at birth. Colostrum Coral club going in the first four hours after calving cows. It is not chemically treated, it is dried at a medium temperature, thus preserving the quality of those immunoglobulins which are contained in the colostrum. Immunnostimulyatsionnye colostrum actions in no way affect the operation of the immune system, they work independently of the immune system, do not overload it, work for it, and to help for her. Colostrum can be taken after the birth of a baby, it eliminates problems with child ventricle, relieves colic, improves digestion, etc.

 As an "emergency" use Microhydrin. He - the strongest intoksikator, refreshes the body, the body energy exchange that allows you to fight off infections and disease. Overdose microhydrin just can not be up to 5 capsules one-time, if necessary 3-4 times a day - it does not negatively affect the body - just good!

 A lot of pregnant women, particularly in the last stages, because they have a growing child consumes a lot of calcium, begin to suffer teeth start to hurt your teeth fall out fillings, increases the sensitivity of the enamel, gums and suffering, etc. In this case will Mikrobrayt, which includes microhydrin. He perfectly restores enamel sensitivity to normal levels, stimulates the healing of the gums. Mikrobrayt is a great way to prevent any of the diseases of the teeth and gums. It disinfects the mouth and does not allow pathogenic bacteria to proliferate , which is very good impact on the women, especially pregnant .

 As a rule, pregnant women, especially those from middle phase of pregnancy and until the end of pregnancy , there are some problems with vaginal secretions. This is due to the fact that the immunity of a pregnant woman falls , baby body robs women so much power that recover almost nowhere ( Colostrum this helps ) . Do not forget also that the immunity of a woman depends on her hemoglobin ( this will help iron and selenium ). All candidiasis, which usually appear suddenly or exacerbated in some women associated with slightly depressed immune system. The most unique product - a Silver Max (colloidal silver), which helps women cope with this problem. Quite a few times a week to wash a small amount of colloidal silver (preferably during pregnancy did not enter a tampon with colloidal silver, but simply to wash). In any case, do not use potassium permanganate for this - it is very dangerous for the life of the child and the condition of the woman! Only colloidal silver will help a woman to get rid of all the unpleasant manifestations of the "bottom".

Colloidal silver - unique product, it can be splashing in the throat with a cold and sore throat, it can be instilled into the nose in the sinus, etc. It can be used when the person has some trouble going on with the eyes (conjunctivitis or other inflammation of the mucous membranes ).

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